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I provide professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to corporates, agencies, and small businesses. I customise SEO services according to a business’s requirements and objectives. My approach uses data and experience acquired through years of dedication in this field, in order to inform the best SEO strategy and approach for your website.
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My services cover every aspect of SEO marketing from keyword research to competitor analysis, technical analysis, onsite optimisation, link building strategies and more. I can help your business create relevant and valuable content that both search engines and customers appreciate. I believe that a high level of transparency, clear communication and SEO education are mandatory in any component of an SEO project.

SEO Services for Agencies, Enterprises and Small Businesses

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I offer freelance SEO consulting services for Digital Marketing Agencies that need extra support to run SEO projects during high peak of workload.

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I help businesses that prefer to do enterprise SEO in-house without necessarily employing someone or that need assistance to project manage their media agencies on SEO, SEM and social media work.

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I assist small to medium businesses owners who are seeking SEO services for their small business to help in improving their online leads and sales.

What Do You Need SEO Services For?

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SEO for Website Redesign

Are you planning to build a new website? This is the best time to do start planning SEO.  Check the SEO I process and the steps needed when redesigning a full new website.

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SEO to Improve an Existing Website

Do you want to improve an existing website? Check out my SEO process to improve an existing website, that it will be customised based on your business requirements and marketing objectives.

List of SEO Services

keyword research

Keyword Research and Competitors Analysis

Keyword Research and Competitors Analysis are a crucial step to understand your targeted audience and how your website is positioned against competitors. Keywords findings are detrimental pieces of information useful to inform overall SEO strategy.

information architecture

Information Architecture and SEO Strategy

The Information Architecture and SEO strategy document is drafted after the keyword research analysis. This informs how the website needs to be structured and set a business SEO objectives and strategy. It informs what content is needed, and how it should be structed to rank.

seo audit

SEO Audit

The website SEO audit looks at website SEO technical elements, on page factors and user experience issues. SEO auditing a website, involves creating a list of issues that need to be repaired or improved to boost a website’s search engine performance.

pr and social media link building

Link Earning

Inbound links (or backlinks) are one of the essential elements of successful SEO. I can help businesses creating tailored SEO strategies, that together with your content strategy and PR, generate quality links to the website.


Content Optimisation

Content optimisation involves updating and adjusting on-page copy and coding to make content more appealing to search engines and, by extension, human searchers.

local seo

Local SEO

Local SEO includes configuration of Google My Business as well as other optimisation techniques to ensure that the website ranks for local search results in Google Maps and Google Search Results Pages.

international seo

International SEO

International SEO campaigns, tailor SEO efforts to audiences in different countries and in different languages. This requires a content analysis around users’ behaviours in different countries and languages as well some technical SEO elements.

google penalty recovery

Google Penalty Recovery Services

When websites receive a manual or algorithm penalty, they can recover from it – in most cases. This requires assessing the status of the penalty, creating a removal process and professional advice on how to avoid Google penalties in the future.

seo migration plan

Website SEO Migration Plan

Businesses planning to migrate websites, they must follow an SEO migration plan. SEO works with content and developers to establish a process and a migration plan to be followed during migration to ensure that the new website can improve and maintain current traffic.

seo training

SEO Training

SEO Training is crucial for large business projects and small businesses owners across key stakeholders, influencers, and implementation staff. I offer inhouse SEO training sessions for large organisations as well tailored training programs for small businesses.

analytics and reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Measuring SEO is critical to success. I help businesses to set up analytics and reports to track and monitor website KPIs performance. Data analysis can help develop a business SEO strategy and strategic focal areas.

conversion optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

Increasing your website traffic is important, however increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action either a sale or a lead is the goal. I can help your website to improve conversions, by transforming prospects into customers.

SEO Services FAQs

When is the best time to start an SEO project?

The best time to start an SEO project is during a website redesign planning and research phase. One of the common mistakes of businesses is to ask for SEO services assistance once the website is built. SEO needs to be an integral part of your website design (or redesign) process from the start.

How long does SEO take to start working?

It really depends on many factors such as industry, competition, resources for implementations, etc.  Based on my experience you could expect considerable results within 3 months of a new website launch. For an existing website it really varies, but some changes may be noticeable in the short term (within a few months) other in the long term (6-12 months).

Why SEO takes so long?

SEO is hard work that pays off in the medium to long term. Again, it all depends on the many factors such as competition, industry, resources, as well as algorithm changes. One thing to remember is that hard work pays off.

How much SEO services cost?

Cost will depend on your website, size, requirements, and pre-requisites. Being an SEO consultant/freelancer, I work on an hourly rate, depending on the project task.  I also offer a day rate for ongoing work.  For small businesses I create a packaged SEO solution. Please contact me directly to find out more about my rates.

What are the benefits of hiring an SEO consultant vs an Agency?

Hiring an SEO consultant either in-house or on a freelancer basis, is a cost-effective solution which provides a high level of experience and quality work at lower cost.  I also believe working with a dedicated in-house consultant/freelancer improves internal communication, especially in achieving implementations.

Do You Need SEO Consulting Services?

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