The SEO Process

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process not a one-off project. It is important to understand the SEO process and what it involves before beginning any search engine optimisation (SEO) work. Understanding the process components and methodology will make you a better-informed consumer of the services required.
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What is the SEO Process?

The SEO process is a step-by-step strategy and includes a series of tasks which need to be completed in sequence. The SEO process does not start and finish with these steps, to have ongoing success, it is important to monitor results and continue to run the same process again, for example to create meaningful content on a continual basis.

In the recent years, there have been many different factors in the digital ecosystem affecting SEO, while the foundations of the SEO process remain the same, the way each task is approached has just evolved. There are several components of an SEO strategy that are imperative to the success of an SEO campaign together with other initiatives within the marketing mix.

SEO is an initiative that requires changes be made across a complete digital ecosystem which includes a variety of stakeholders. Hence why it can become quite complex, and the process needs to be fully understood and included into a business plan.

At the start of every campaign, SEO needs to understand the company’s objectives, the market and be able to assess targeted users’ behaviour and audience insights (what influence and fulfill the target audience and which audience is the most valuable for the business).

The SEO Process Wheel

Below is a representation of the SEO process wheel broken down into 7 steps, each step include the SEO task required and activities involved. The SEO process tends to be the same for small business and to enterprise level, what changes is the depth of the research and analysis. The SEO process vary according to a business specific needs, such as re-designing a new website or improving an existing one.

SEO process

What SEO Process Do You Need to Optimise Your Website?

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SEO for Website Redesign

Are you planning to build a new website? This is the best time to do start planning SEO.  Check the SEO I process and the steps needed when redesigning a full new website.

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SEO to Improve an Existing Website

Do you want to improve an existing website? Check out my SEO process to improve an existing website, that it will be customised based on your business requirements and marketing objectives.

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SEO Process FAQs

When is the best time to start an SEO project?

The best time to start an SEO project is during the planning phase of a website where SEO gets involved during the research phase. Changing SEO components is always more complicated than having them rights from the start.

How long the SEO process last?

It depends on the requirements so there is no one set up timeframe, however in general 6-12 months for either a website redesign or for implementations when improving a website is a standard timeframe. But it all depends on the size of the website and on business and technical requirements.

Who is involved in the SEO process?

SEO is the point of connection across the business and its stakeholders. In general SEO works with executives for business decisions, UX for usability research and design, content for SEO copywriting, marketing teams for insights and data and developers for implementations.

How long do I need to do SEO for?

There is no time limit, SEO is an ongoing medium to long term strategy that collaborates with other marketing activities to be more effective.

How much SEO cost?

SEO is not cheap, it requires a lot of time to research, testing and implement. SEO not only involves costs for consultation but also investments in resources to implement recommendations that would be either content or technical recommendations.

What are the most important steps in the SEO process?

Every step is important, however based on my experience understanding the business and audience as well as the keyword research are the most important part of any SEO process since the entire SEO strategy is based on their findings.

How do I know which SEO process do I need to follow?

Based on the requirements, I can identify the process your website needs to follow to improve its presence in Search Engine Results Pages and conversions.

What is the first step in an SEO process?

The first step is to understand a business’ objectives, market, audience, and user’s behaviour. This involves having a direct meeting and filling out a questionnaire. Any information that can help me understand your business is crucial for the success of the SEO campaign.