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Freelance SEO Consultant

I am an independent SEO consultant offering organic Search Engine Optimisation services. My expertise is SEO website redesign and strategy, where I analyse every aspect of your business, website, and customer base before crafting a custom SEO strategy based on hard data. I also assist businesses on any other aspect of SEO such as site audits, link building strategies, content marketing, conversion optimization, SEO training and more.

I bring to the table skills not only in SEO, but also in other digital marketing activities that can play an important role in your SEO efforts, having had working experience in SEM, affiliate and Social Media. I like to educate business key stakeholders in SEO, to help them understand how SEO works in combination with other digital marketing activities. I believe that communication, understanding and transparency are crucial keys of success of any SEO campaign.

SEO Consulting

Why you should hire an SEO like me?

Wide Ranging SEO Expertise

I have 16 years of experience and have extensive knowledge of the search engine industry, best practices, search engine algorithms. I have a proven track record of success in helping businesses to grow their traffic and revenue. I will work around your key business objectives to identify Search Engine Optimisation strategies that will achieve your goals. I will advise on how SEO, Search Engine Marketing and social media tactics can all work together to maximize returns.

Honest and Enthusiastic SEO Specialist

I approach my work with honesty, respect, accountability, and when I say I do it, I will do it.  I am an SEO enthusiastic, fast learner, eager to continuously learn and improve skills, with care and a real passion for people and SEO. I am transparent about the work I do, I believe that transparency on SEO strategies and tactics used is key to building client trust.

Critical SEO Thinker

I am a critical thinker and have strong analytical ability, intuition and experience making data-informed decisions to generate meaningful insights and business outcomes. I love data and have attention to detail, accuracy, efficiency, curiosity, and interest to discover valuable insights. I am a data automation enthusiastic and self-learner. I am a problem solver, having experience in identifying hidden problems and probe a variety of sources for answers, and can identify and creatively solve complex problems, including matters related to systems and processes.

Effective Communicator with a Good Sense of Humour

I am a strong communicator who can collaborate with people at any level of your organisation. I have experience working with internal stakeholders from executives to project managers, developers, PR, sales and marketing teams as well as key external partners. I am positive, energetic, and a strong sense of teamwork by working effectively, respectfully, and efficiently with all team members. I have a sense of humor, I believe working with a smile can make a job a lot more enjoyable and productive.

SEO Services for Agencies, Enterprises and Small Businesses

eo freelance for agencies icon small


I offer freelance SEO consulting services for Digital Marketing Agencies that need extra support to run SEO projects during high peak of workload.

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I help businesses that prefer to do enterprise SEO in-house without necessarily employing someone or that need assistance to project manage their media agencies on SEO, SEM and social media work.

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I assist small to medium businesses owners who are seeking SEO services for their small business to help in improving their online leads and sales.

What Does an SEO Consultant Do?

An SEO consultant help businesses to plan, implement and manage SEO strategies. SEO is the most in demand marketing skill and each SEO specialist has different strengths and can specialise in different disciplines within SEO.  There is no magic, SEO is hard work, and it can be very difficoult because the landscape is always changing. It takes time, dedication, creativity, and patience to become an excellent SEO and get great results.

I am a technical, SEO strategist that follows a very methodical approach tailored to each business.  I focus on education clients on understanding SEO, as I believe education, communication and transparency are the key to success of any SEO process.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

keyword research

Keyword Research and Competitors Analysis

Keyword Research and Competitors Analysis are a crucial step to understand your targeted audience and how your website is positioned against competitors. Keywords findings are detrimental pieces of information useful to inform overall SEO strategy.

information architecture

Information Architecture and SEO Strategy

The Information Architecture and SEO strategy document is drafted after the keyword research analysis. This informs how the website needs to be structured and set a business SEO objectives and strategy. It informs what content is needed, and how it should be structed to rank.

seo audit

SEO Audit

The website SEO audit looks at website SEO technical elements, on page factors and user experience issues. SEO auditing a website, involves creating a list of issues that need to be repaired or improved to boost a website’s search engine performance.

pr and social media link building

Link Earning

Inbound links (or backlinks) are one of the essential elements of successful SEO. I can help businesses creating tailored SEO strategies, that together with your content strategy and PR, generate quality links to the website.


Content Optimisation

Content optimisation involves updating and adjusting on-page copy and coding to make content more appealing to search engines and, by extension, human searchers.

local seo

Local SEO

Local SEO includes configuration of Google My Business as well as other optimisation techniques to ensure that the website ranks for local search results in Google Maps and Google Search Results Pages.

international seo

International SEO

International SEO campaigns, tailor SEO efforts to audiences in different countries and in different languages. This requires a content analysis around users’ behaviours in different countries and languages as well some technical SEO elements.

google penalty recovery

Google Penalty Recovery Services

When websites receive a manual or algorithm penalty, they can recover from it – in most cases. This requires assessing the status of the penalty, creating a removal process and professional advice on how to avoid Google penalties in the future.

seo migration plan

Website SEO Migration Plan

Businesses planning to migrate websites, they must follow an SEO migration plan. SEO works with content and developers to establish a process and a migration plan to be followed during migration to ensure that the new website can improve and maintain current traffic.

seo training

SEO Training

SEO Training is crucial for large business projects and small businesses owners across key stakeholders, influencers, and implementation staff. I offer inhouse SEO training sessions for large organisations as well tailored training programs for small businesses.

analytics and reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Measuring SEO is critical to success. I help businesses to set up analytics and reports to track and monitor website KPIs performance. Data analysis can help develop a business SEO strategy and strategic focal areas.

conversion optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

Increasing your website traffic is important, however increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action either a sale or a lead is the goal. I can help your website to improve conversions, by transforming prospects into customers.

What Do You Need SEO Consulting Assistance For?

Check out the SEO process needed when redesigning a new website or for improving an existing website.

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Are you planning to build a new website? This is the best time to do start planning SEO.  Check the SEO I process and the steps needed when redesigning a full new website.

seo process existing website icon


Do you want to improve an existing website? Check out my SEO process to improve an existing website, that it will be customised based on your business requirements and marketing objectives.

Do You Need SEO Consulting Expertise for your Business?

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My Achievements
SEO Traffic Increase30%

22 Millions new SEO visits within the first year

SEO Traffic Increase40%

Within 3 Months of the website launch

ROAS on SEM80%

ROAS on SEM Campaigns

Hundred Million Pages Indexed99%

From 20% to 99% pages indexed equivalent to 100+ million pages indexed within a year

Years of Search Experience
More than 100 Clients/Projects worked
Travelled countries


What People Say About Me
Raffaella has been a pleasure to work with. She is an expert in her field, very organised, her work has always been on time and to the highest quality standards. I very much enjoyed working with Raff and would highly recommend her to anyone who requires a skilled, professional SEO expert.- Sam Murray Head of SEO Razorfish
Raffaella has been a pleasure to work with. She is an expert in her field, very organised, her work has always been on time and to the highest quality standards. I very much enjoyed working with Raff and would highly recommend her to anyone who requires a skilled, professional SEO expert.- Kerstin Hoefner Head of SEO Group M
Raffaella's SEO knowledge is impressive. Working closely with her on a large project I saw she was able to identify issues quickly and communicate them clearly to all levels of management. Her expertise was comprehensive, often highlighting the depth of collaboration needed across marketing teams to see the best SEO results possible. She is very reliable and a pleasure to work with.- Amy Broadfoot MD at This is Human

SEO Consultings FAQs

When should I hire an SEO consultant?

If you are planning to rebuild your website, then you need to hire someone like me. Rather than engaging SEO services when the site is already built, you should hire an SEO consultant during the planning and research phase. You can still engage with an SEO after the website is built, but it will be more expensive and it might require longer time since the site has already built and some technical changes could need medium to long terms implementations.

What are the benefits of hiring a freelancer to do SEO consulting work?

SEO freelancers with 15 years of search experience as well as technical and marketing skills are not easy to find. Hiring a freelancer is also more cost-effective solution for a business while maintaining high level of quality work. I do not require lengthy contracts; you can continue as far as you are happy with my work and results.

Is worth investing in SEO Consulting?

If you are running an online business and you sell just have an online presence, you need to invest in building your organic traffic. Often businesses rely too much on paid media activities, which are good short/medium term strategies and not so profitable because of the ongoing costs involved. SEO is a long-term strategy and if done well, will maintain ongoing and higher profits for your business.

How much an SEO consultant charge?

It depends on what is required and the length of the project. SEO services costs are generally upfront, meaning the majority of all the work is done at the beginning, then a road map is planned with tasks to be completed on a 6- or 12-months plan. As an SEO specialist, I designed a smaller package option for small businesses to allow them to receive good SEO advice at affordable costs.  Please contact me for a personalised quote.

How does SEO consulting work?

Arrangements start with an initial consultation and a questionnaire, to assess and understand business requirements. According to the findings, an SEO quote is drafted with details of the tasks, timings, and output.  Please check out my SEO process to understand what tasks might be required for your website.

Is location a critical factor when hiring an SEO consultant?

If you are doing international SEO, you might need a local SEO consultant that speaks the language and understand the audience for the targeted market. Currently I can offer SEO services in English speaking countries and Italy. Other than this, there is no real reason why location can affect your choice, as far as ongoing and clear communication is maintained.

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